Search & Rescue

Our Goal

Chipping away at the thousands of unsolved missing person cases and bringing families the answers they are desperately seeking...

Mission Statement

We are committed to assisting, locating and rescuing lost and missing persons on Native American Tribal lands and communities. We provide search and rescue with the use of trained K-9’s, trained personnel, and other available resources. 



Your generous donations support the cost of fuel, training, specialized team equipment, supplies, community education outreach,
K9 gear, dog food and most of all allows us to continue to assist families in searching for their lost/missing relatives.

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Calls Received
Search and Rescue Missions
Miles Traveled
Total Missions Hours
Total Volunteer Hours
K-9 Search Miles Covered
Areas Searched
Cove, AZ        •        Red Valley, AZ        •        Kayenta, AZ        •        Tuba City, AZ        •        Chilchinbeto, AZ        •        Pinon, AZ        •        Hunters Point, AZ        •        Sweetwater, AZ        •        Red Mesa, UT        •        Bluff, UT        •        Ignacio, CO        •        Shiprock, NM        •        Hogback, NM        •        Farmington, NM        •        Nenahnezaad, NM        •        Bisti Badlands        •        Little Water, NM        •        Casamero Lake, NM        •        San Rafael, NM        •        Torreon, NM