Bernadine Beyale

Founder/CEO/K9 Handler

Ya’at’t’eeh! My name is Bernadine Beyale, I am Tódich’ii’nii (Bitter Water clan), born for Kinyaa’áanii (The Towering House clan. My Maternal grandparents clan are Bit’ahnii (Under His Cover) and my paternal grandparents clan are Honágháahnii (One-walks-around clan). I received my bachelor’s in accounting and business from New Mexico State University, I have two boys and I currently reside in Farmington, NM.

I grew up in Crownpoint, NM in a Law Enforcement family as both my parents were Navajo Police Officers. I have been in search and rescue since 2016. I started off on a SAR Team with the State of NM in which I received certifications in FEMA, SAR management, CCW, Lost Person Behavior, GPS, Maps and Compass, IC systems, crime scene preservation, radio communications to name a few and, under 4CK9SAR I have received additional certifications through the National Association of Search and Rescue. I would never have been involved in search and rescue if it wasn’t for a pup (Trigger) I picked out of a litter one day. Because of his drive and expertise, Search and Rescue has become our PURPOSE. Since then, we have added another K9 to our team, Gunny. During our time with our previous SAR team, we saw and heard the requests for help needed by families and that’s why 4Corners K-9 Search and Rescue was created.